30+ Totally Cute Single Dorm Room Ideas

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When your child goes to University: How to make their room feel homey
Separation anxiety isn’t just for kindergarten. When your child enters college or university and is forced to go out into the world, it’s stressful for both parents and child. The initial separation can be difficult, and is made even more so if they have chosen to go to a school that is out of province or territory. It can be a difficult adjustment to go from your cozy home to dorm living with a stranger. Ease their separation (and yours) by bringing a bit of warmth to your child’s dorm room.

If your child is in a single room and doesn’t have to share with another person, your job is much easier. Although a dorm room is a small space to decorate, you have the added bonus of being able to work with bold colors and fabrics, as you will be unable to paint the walls.

Bedding is vital in a dorm room. If your child has had the same room at home for many years, now is the time to change their bedding. For boys, choose a navy blue, dark green, or red doona cover. Girls may still prefer pink, and a chocolate brown and pink combination is very popular in covers this year. For maximum warmth, purchase a down filled doona. If your child prefers to be cooler, a cotton comforter will work just as well.

Dorm rooms often use linoleum or tile as their flooring of choice, and this can be cool on the feet in the winter. Choose a modern area rug in a large enough size that it covers both under the bed, the surrounding area, and their working desk. A dark color area rug like navy blue or dark green will do well to hide any stains from food they may spill while eating on the run. Choose a material for your rug that is easy to clean, like cotton or synthetic polyester. Cleaning the rug is a breeze, just pull it off the floor and take it outside for a good shake. No need for a vacuum in the dorm room!

There are several items you can purchase that can be functional as well as stylish for a dorm room. A large mirror is a must have as most students tend to share a bathroom with many people and don’t have access to their own mirror. Include a small basin and water jug, as they may like to brush their teeth in privacy occasionally.

A desk lamp and a lamp for beside their beds will create an aura of home. Fill their room with photos of their friends and family and place their favorite keepsakes randomly throughout the room. If you are able to hang items on the wall, provide your child with a coat rack for their book bag and jackets.

Although it is difficult to be away from mom and dad for the first time, creating their dorm room as a home away from home is a good idea to ease the transition. Although your child won’t be coming to your house every night, you will feel better knowing that he or she is settled in a comfy, cozy, space of their own.

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