30+ Totally Inspiring Basement Stair Ideas

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Do it yourself basement is a process of constructing or remodeling the basement without hiring a professional to do the actual work. Do it yourself basement does not mean though that you have not asked for consultation services from professionals, especially during the planning and designing phase. This type of work is more challenging but it is more satisfying if you can do it well.

Layout a Design

Creating or remodeling a basement is like constructing a small house in a compact space. To find solutions for space issues outright and whether you can achieve your desired look, it is advisable to do a layout design on a piece of paper. You can use a graph paper using this scale: 1/4 inch of paper represents 1 square foot of floor space. While it would not be the true measurements, try to keep the scale accurate as much as possible.

Do the first measurements on the basement’s perimeter walls. Remember that the overall finished dimensions of the room are at least 10 inches narrower, owing to the fact that the walls are going to be made inches from the wall. Once planning the perimeter wall is done, the next step is to plan the interior portion of the basement.

Make the Stairs as Guide

When designing the interiors, it is wise to determine where you want to place the staircase and how it should appear. The staircase can then be like point of reference for other spaces in the basement that you want to include: bathroom, play area, bedroom and whatever else you want to have. Of course, you will also have better idea where to put the doors and the windows for your do it yourself basement.

Equipment and Materials

Basement designing varies from one basement to another. Some basement work requires repairing the hydraulics, drywall and plumbing. Some basement work requires a lot of furnishing and finishing. Be sure you have the equipments ready and the necessary materials in order to finish the project.

You should always put into consideration that there are specific requirements in your area regarding basement construction. Some of the common regulations include having windows and fire exits if you put a bedroom in the basement. There are also some light materials that cannot be included for basement purposes due to fire hazard.

Maximizing the Space

Space is always a recurring issue when constructing a basement. After all, you are going to make do with the given space that is already there inside the basement. You do not have much room to make major mistakes – else you are going to bloat the budget you intended for basement construction. One of the ways to maximize space is to keep the wall lines straight.

Lighting is also a crucial aspect in do it yourself basement. It can make your basement achieve a wide or narrow feel, depending on how you strategically place the lights. Since you have decided to design the basement yourself, make sure you are willing to spend time and effort to really accomplish the task. Unless you do not have other things to do, basement work normally runs between three to six months.

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