30+ Gorgeous Modern Gazebo Ideas

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A gazebo is a traditional structure in gardens or orchards which dates back as early as one thousand four hundred years before Christ. Ancient Rome and Pompeii had summertime residences that resembled modern-day gazebos. Persian gazebo-like houses are legendary because they had furnishings made of gold. Since gazebos and other structures found in the garden are relevant and complementary to each other, designing a gazebo involves different materials and architectural styles.

In designing an outdoor gazebo for your garden, first, you have to determine the reason why you are building a gazebo so that you can incorporate landscaping ideas and patio designs. Usually, it is erected to have a place for rest and enjoyment at the garden or orchard. However, you could have it for anything you want to do as you could make it a bathing spot or an outdoor kitchen. Most people put a large table in their gazebos for dining or other table-top activities. Some hang a hammock in it and take some naptime at the garden.

If you plan to use your outdoor gazebo during nighttime, consider some garden lamps that complement the overall garden and patio designs. For the heat of the summer days, you can also add a ceiling fan. If your garden is situated in an environment with varying extreme temperatures, you can put additional heating and air conditioning systems in it. For all these options, always bear in mind that electricity and water are required for all of these to operate the supplementary functions.

Then, with the purpose of the outdoor gazebo in mind, you have to work on the exact dimensions. Locate your spot where you will place your gazebo and compute on the available space in the area. Check the soil structure if there are any concerns regarding erecting a structure on it. Complement your patio designs and landscaping ideas with the surrounding.

In the United States alone, most outdoor gazebos have six sides. However, you could get on top or below it, or even go around it. Depending on you landscaping ideas and patio designs, your structure could have five or eight sides, or even a four-sided gazebo. On these, you have to figure out if your designs complement the garden.

Most outdoor gazebos are made of wood, but some are made of bricks, stones, or concrete. For the walling, you could make use of trellises with vines or flowers crawling on them that match your patio designs. This could really implement you landscaping ideas in your garden.

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