30+ Most Popular Modern Sunroom Furniture Ideas

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The first thing that comes to our minds when we think of sunroom furniture is wicker. Indoor furniture for sunroom has always been made from this flexible material, finally finished with a wide selection of colors. The relaxed built and durability of the substance makes your sunroom feel like a tropical destination, allowing you to fancy that you are in fact absorbing the sun at some esoteric vacation spot rather than sitting pretty in your wicker chair beside your sunroom window. However, in modern times wicker has crossed the limitation of being used just in a set of chair and love seat that most of us associate it with. There are also many accessories made from wicker that you can add in the decoration of your sunroom.

Since biblical era, wicker has been used in the making of quite a few creations and tools. It was from Egypt that the earliest article made form wicker has been discovered. Archeologists have reported that it must have been made in the 1400 BC. In the beginning, wicker was originally used for making tools that were important for executing chores for day to day activities, like building small huts or fishing. As the trade routes began to be discovered, the use of wicker also expanded and it began to be used for other decorative purposes such as making of accessories and furniture. In no time at all it became a most wanted substance for making cheap but strong objects.

Now wicker is not restricted to a few fanciful items but includes a huge variety of products that come in different weaves, patterns and shapes. Besides wicker, rattan, bamboo, willow, peel cane and a few reeds are also as versatile. When these are bent and woven, the substances can be imaginatively made into anything from small baskets to big furniture.

For decorating your sunroom with wicker furniture, there would be no dearth of choices for you to select from. Frequently, wicker sunroom furniture is sold in sets that include a sofa or love seat, a few more chairs, and perhaps tables that complement each other. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can also find wicker swings, wing chairs and loungers, ottomans, and rockers that you can place here and there for more soothing, resting objects to your furniture sets. Or you can take your pick from a huge number of end table mats, decorative baskets, pot stands, fans and wall hangings that will pronounce a single tropical theme to the entire room.

For a similar look there are alternatives to wicker

There are other substitutes for solid wicker accessories too. There are some products that blend wicker and solid wood. For heavier members of your family this will be ideal since the combination of wicker and wood make the furniture stronger as well as give a rustic appearance too. There are many products that look like wicker but in reality are made from a material like plastic or vinyl that appears lie wicker but are not so expensive and maintained easily. Recently even products made from PVC pipe have begun to show up in the market. These items are equally strong, look a lot like real wicker, and generally cost much less than wicker sunroom furniture.

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