30+ Adorable Masculine Living Room Ideas

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Let’s face it, guys: when it comes to home decor, the whole idea can be just too “girly.” Too many florals and pastels, and even ruffles! Argh! Who can bear it?

Stand down, soldier. There are plenty of ways to make your home or apartment reflect your masculinity without having to drop megabucks – unless of course, you really want something.

Start by thinking about who you are. Do you think of yourself as athletic, hip, technogeek, cultured? Do you enjoy hobbies like golf, hiking, biking, or travel and music? These may seem like “well, duh” questions, but take a moment to think about who you are. Most likely, you have many characteristics and all of these can be reflected in your home.

Does the great outdoors make your heart race? Then your decor problem is solved: Go for the hunting lodge look, otherwise known to decorators as the Rustic style. This means wood-paneled walls with wood flooring, maybe a stone fireplace and comfortable, rough-hewn furniture covered in manly plaid fabrics and an area rug with an animal motif. Or you can cover the floor with some brightly colored, braided area rugs. They not only cover the floors, dude, they tie the room together, like in “The Big Lebowski.” ‘Nuff said.

Maybe you’re Audio Man. After years of saving, you’re ready to plunk down four figures on that epitome of music systems, a Clairtone Project G stereo, the piece of bachelor furniture that defined a hipster in the Sinatra era. The Project G originated in 1963, and there are still a few originals around, but its successors live up to their rep, with magnificent clarity coming out of spherical speakers in a rosewood cabinet. This is definitely not Component City; jazz great Oscar Peterson once described the Project G as a rival to his live performances. Only a handful are made today so you’ll be scouting big time, but it’s worth it. Pair this beauty with a sleek couch and some minimalist tables and voĆ­la: It’s all about the sound, baby.

If you’re a sportsman, then go for it in a big way. Deck out your living room in the colors of your favorite team, hang the sports memorabilia on the walls and move in a cool recliner. There are plenty of interesting sports themed area rugs to suit any sport. Throw one on the floor for added effect. Better get a sturdy leather couch so your buddies can join you in watching the big game – or games – on a widescreen plasma TV.

When it comes to hip, you are beyond cool (or so your friends say). You know the trends before the sheets hit the street. Let’s hope you have the green to go with your keen, because hipness can get expansive in home decor. Better look to the Contemporary style and start with the basics in neutral tones like white, black, cream, gray or tan – or a combination. With the basics in place, go for the latest gadgets, trendy lights (overhead track lighting is great), maybe some ultra-hip lamps and a coffee table that’s stylin’.

So you’re a culture vulture? Man, the ladies love someone who appreciates the finer things in life, so make the most of it. Go for a modified English Country look (watch out for those florals!) and deck the walls with mementoes of your trips to Kenya and Copenhagen. Could be fine art, could be your own photos in elegant frames or maybe those African masks you picked up for a song in the Cape Town marketplace. Look for an antique table suggesting a French monarch, and a wine cabinet to make the ladies swoon.

Finally, there’s nothing that says a man can’t be King of the Kitchen (all the great chefs are men, after all). If you love cooking, then pimp out your kitchen. Install an island, a high-end stainless steel range with exhaust hood, and a rack to hang your pots and pans. If this is beyond your budget, then accessorize with some small appliances in contemporary colors and finishes. The way to a woman’s heart is often through her tastebuds!

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