30+ Inspiring Half Wall Room Divider Ideas

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From loft apartments to open floor plans, there are many homes designed with rooms not completely separate from each other. And while in some cases, this may be nice other times, you just want somewhere to go that is a bit more private. However, having a construction crew or renovation team might not be in the budget. Fortunately, there are ways to create an air of privacy without actually having to build new walls.

While the use of furniture, old fashion dressing screens (think the Orient) and even curtains can work as room dividers, there are many other choices-some more permanent than others-to be considered. If you are considering making better use of your home or office space, you will find there are 3 main types, but with many variations of each one: permanent, built in and portable/temporary. In addition, the dividers may totally hide one part of a room from view or it may allow one to see through to the other side such as when lattice board is used in a restaurant setting.

Common Uses for Room Dividers

In a bedroom- If your children share a bedroom, but are forever arguing about whose side is whose why not settle the argument once and for all by installing room dividers that have shelves built into them. Not only will Davis and Matthew each have their own space, but now they can easily store their toys and not have an excuse for not being able to put away their belongings. If you have just one child who has a difficult time keeping the room neat, using shelved dividers to separate the play area form the sleeping area will help them, as well.

Creating a new room- If you have a loft apartment and want an area designated as your office or bedroom, using a movable panel such as a series of boards painted with a decorative finish can add privacy as well as warmth, without the expense of a permanent addition. This is especially nice in situations where you are renting the property; plus you can take them with you when you move.

Create a closet- Use L-shaped dividers (available at many home improvement stores) to create your perfect closet. Be sure to take advantage of the many closet organizing products available so that you can make the most of your new home feature.

If you are want a room diver that is a bit more permanent, you may wish to install a sliding panel that is mounted on tracks that you can open or close off the area whenever it’s convenient for you. These types of dividers are often best installed by a professional as they need to be placed properly so you and others are not in danger of them falling/releasing from their track.

Build a cabinet wall. Like the shelves, sometimes more storage is as essential as a divided space. Use cabinets to improve organization and privacy. This is especially nice in an office set-up.

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