30+ Comfortable Bachelor Pad Decorating Ideas

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Whoever said that decorating the home is solely for women must not have seen the rising trend of bachelor pads in the modern world. Today’s men can be just as fussy as women when it comes to home decor since one’s home can say a lot about who or what they are. Their home decor can reflect and show their personal preferences, points of view, and even the smallest detail about a man’s outlook in life. So how should we decorate? To do this properly, one must take a look at how every piece -from the furniture right down to the modern area rug -can make a difference.

The most difficult part of any artistic endeavor is how and where to begin. Getting ideas right off the top of your head can be natural for some, but even the best and brightest can run out of things to think of every once in a while. If in the case the latter happens to you, try to think outside your itty-bitty mental box. Surf the net or read a few magazines to see what kind of theme suits your pad best. Remember that there is a plethora of ways in which you can decorate, influences that remain untapped by your mental and artistic capacities. Research a bit, find what you like, and see if anything appeals to you.

So you’ve picked out a theme and you want everything put in. So what should you do now?

Don’t worry too much about not decorating enough. The main thing to remember about bachelor pads is that they’re designed primarily for simplicity and comfort -the principles of modern designing. So don’t overstuff your room with furniture that you will never need, bookcases with books that you will never, ever read, or porcelain figures that you will never look at. Going with a single color scheme and theme is more than enough -solid colors are best to use in this situation, and floral designs and colors are obviously out of the question. Buy furniture that you like to sit around in for a long time, since your pad will probably be your sanctuary most of the time.

After you’ve thought about the theme and furniture, go buy a rug to bring all the design pieces together. Since comfort is one of the chief characteristics of a bachelor pad, buy a modern area rug that is friendly to your feet. Soft rugs not only provide that comfort that you desire, but it also adds to the overall effect of your d├ęcor. Choosing your rug color depends mainly on your preference. Those with solid colors are best for those rooms that are dull and dreary, while busy pet owners might want to go for the darker ones instead to hide the dirt and stains.

Decorating your bachelor pad can be fun, and thinking of themes, colors, and furniture to decorate it with helps a lot in the long run. Try to remember that homes of this type are supposed to be simple in design and highly comfortable. Still, every little bit counts and the right modern area rug can make a world of difference.

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