30+ Modern Burnt Orange Bedroom Ideas

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In the past, only sports fans selected orange bedding, and they were mostly men who did not have a wife or girlfriend who stood cringing in the corner when he announced his choice. Luckily, there are few colleges or universities that have selected orange as the primary school color.

Today with the marvelous shades of orange that include coral and peach, more and more women are warming to the idea of adding a bright splash of color to the bedroom decor. With good selections of complementary colors, the boldest of colors can be tamed. Of course, there is nothing we can do to tone down those college colors.

As spring approaches our thoughts turn to brighter colors for the bedroom. Do not settle for the same old basics. Tropical bedding often combines shades of peach or coral with more subtle shades of green and yellow. In fact, as an accent color even the most subdued of shades can look as if there has been a face lift.

For spring it is quite appropriate to select orange bedding with a white floral pattern to spice up the bedroom. The brighter color will be mitigated by the white flowers or white stripes. Choosing a coral shade rather than the primary shade will help soften the overall appearance.

Of course, it must be said that orange works well with purple, with some pinks, greens, yellows and even some shades of red. Be brave but not overwhelming. Select a bright color such as orange and use it as the accent color. Work around it and create a hot bedroom decor that will satisfy until fall.

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