30+ Totally Comfy Sectional Sofa Ideas For Small Living Room

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A sectional sofa is one that is usually one piece of furniture. They do come in all sizes and different shapes but you can find many of these sectional sofas for small spaces specifically.

They are also extremely functional and some come with additional storage facilities (for example, under the long section which is perfect for storing extra bedding if your sofa comes with a bed as well – as can be the case). One of the great advantages of this furniture is that they can be divided into various seating arrangements to complement your space. Whereas with a traditional sofa, you really can’t change it, these sectional sofas can be swapped around to totally change the look and feel and, of course, to fit into your space.

You can buy these sectional sofas at many stores as well as online. In fact, looking online first is usually a good idea as you can see what selections are out there. Another good idea is to measure where the sofa should be in your space so you have a rough idea what size sofa you want. Obviously with a smaller room, this is really important as a larger piece of furniture will usually make the room feel even more cramped. If you measure first, make sure you keep to that measurement. Do not go and buy a larger sofa because it looks good. Notice that it looks good because it’s probably in a larger space!

Also check with sofas can be split up and put in various sections so you have an idea what you can actually do with it and whether that would be an advantage to you. Even whether the long ‘bed-like’ part should be on the left or the right is obviously important too. It all depends on your space.

When you have the measurements and the size worked out, you can then look at the other details like the quality of the covers and their durability and stain resistance (a biggy if you have children or pets). Again you will find a huge selection of materials from the cheaper microfiber to expensive leather. While a white leather sofa might look great, just think about the practicality for a moment. Leather is a luxury and should be treated as such. It is easy to see claw marks of your favorite dog or cat and even from visitors wearing boots or belts or a protruding ring. Many materials are very user friendly and are stain resistant.

When you have narrowed down your selection online, check out the furniture stores in your neighborhood for a ‘look and feel’ experience. There’s nothing like sitting down on a sofa to see if it’s comfortable or not! Once you have decided, talk to the store employee to discuss best price, delivery, etc. You can always then go back online to see if there’s a better deal for that specific piece. Many websites offer free delivery too.

Good luck with your sofa hunting and I hope these tips helped so you can buy the perfect sectional sofa for your small space.

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