30+ Cozy Maroon And White Living Room Ideas

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Colours have a great impact on human moods. Atmosphere of your home gets enhanced by the particular colour on the walls, and they greatly stimulate your mood. Deciding colours for a living room can be a big worry, because it is the most important and most commonly used room in the home.

You should be careful while choosing a shade for the living area because wall colours can make your room seem larger or smaller, warmer or cooler, sophisticated or rustic. Before deciding your living room colour, you must have a little knowledge about the psychological effect of different colours like yellow is warm and sunny and evokes feelings of happiness. Red is a high energy colour; it increases respiration and simulates metabolism, while blue is opposite of red; it is associated with tranquility and nature, and tends to have a calming influence. Similarly, all the colours affect our emotions and moods in one way or the other.

It should also be noted that light colours like white or beige makes the room appear larger, while dark colours like brown or maroon can, at times, if not well complemented with other shades, give a heavy appearance.

Another thing that you must consider seriously while deciding wall colours for living-room is your life style. If your living-room is a formal one, you can use any traditional colour like maroon or taupe etc. If it is a casual gathering palace then you can experiment with pale shades of yellow, brown or purple.

If the living-room opens in the other rooms of home, choose a colour that complements the colour of those rooms. Find a colour that works in all of rooms that opens up into your living-room. A raspberry, lime shade or plum rouge gives a refreshing and bubbly effect. If you are a party lover and hold parties too often, use of fresh colours can make your living-room livelier.

You can also use any two colours that work well together. Blue and yellow can be used in your living-room to give a classic country style touch. You can use white with some darker shade to give the room a sophisticated look. Paint the walls red to make a bold statement. Red is a fun choice, because the colour is very rich and makes the walls of a living-room stand out. You can use brown as a complementary colour in red living room.

You can also match the colour of something special like your sofa, some antique piece of artwork, room curtains or even chandeliers or wall hangings etc. If you are going for carpets and curtains, have a look at them and match your wall colours with them. If you really want colors to your room then buy fabric curtains.

In order to make your living room standout, try to combine colours creatively. Do not be afraid to experiment with different and nontraditional combinations. Living room colour choice is your personal matter, so it is better if you follow your own preferences. You should go for the colours that make you feel comfortable and happy.

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