30+ Elegant Sunroom Living Room Ideas

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Sunroom porch designs allow you the best of both worlds. You can enjoy natural sunlight without the elements of the weather or bugs and other pests. A sunroom is defined as a room that offers fully insulated walls and ceilings and uses of insulated glass for the windows and doors.
Sunroom porch designs offer a variety of choices with unlimited potential. No matter what your current situation, there are sunroom porch designs to suit your needs. You can choose from totally glass sunrooms, patio rooms, pool enclosures, glass walls under an existing roof, screens under an existing roof, conservatories and solariums.

One very popular style available is the solarium. With these, your entire porch will be glass thus allowing you to see above you. The solarium design typically offers glass on both the walls and the roof. Built on a frost proof base the solarium sunroom porch designs should include, heating/cooling, electrical and interior finishes that will provide you necessities of a standard room as well as offer protection from harmful UV rays form the sun.

Sunroom Porch Designs

Another favorite is conservatory sunroom porch designs. These are characterized by a unique roof design styled like the Victorian glass houses of the 19th century. Typically, you’ll find more decorative style and a wider choice of plans available in conservatory sunroom porch designs. Just as with the solariums, these rooms should have climate control, UV protection and treated glass.

Current sunroom systems offer many advantages not available in earlier designs. Things like: wall-to-wall glass with hidden screw systems, guaranteed leak proof systems, screens on windows, dirt resistant treated glass for the exterior, as well as several other options.

Today’s sunroom porch designs allow additional living space to use as you choose. Den, play area, home office, exercise room…your choices are limitless.

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