30+ Totally Comfy Burnt Orange And Black Living Room Ideas

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Whatever style of room you are attempting to create one of the most important elements which will dictate how the scheme develops is the colours you choose to incorporate. This critical choice will determine the furniture, the accessories, the soft furnishings the flooring and the wallpaper you select.

If you are striving to create a specific atmosphere or mood use the guide below to pick the colour which is going to lead to a successful interior design solution. This guide outlines some the key features that are created when using a particular colour. It is amazing how colour can influence a person’s feelings and reactions to a space. With this knowledge you can use it to produce the desired interior design results, producing a successful design proposals each and every time.

Orange Wallpaper

This is one colour that will definitely get noticed. It is an attention seeking, aggressive colour full of lively vitality and energy. Suitable for living rooms & dining rooms it appears full of fun when coupled as a minor accent with blues & white; highly sophisticated when alongside olive green & charcoal: and invigorating in a cool blue/green scheme.

The use of orange depends on the mood you wish to create – stimulating, intimate, exciting, unique…with the right combination of colours you can use orange to create all these moods.

Green Wallpaper

A room that is mostly green generate a sense of balance, harmony & rejuvenation. Green is easy on the eye, cool & restful. It’s an ancient colour which is also thoroughly modern, reflecting our concern for ecology, our hopes for the future and the new generation. The new greens of pale pistachio, rich aquamarine and burnt lime open up a whole range of new green options.

Regardless of the green you choose you can be confident that it will suit all seasons, bringing a little nature and harmony into your room.

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