30+ Totally Cute Purple Grey And Turquoise Living Room Ideas

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Selecting a color is one of the biggest decorating dilemmas. You want a color that is right for your space and personality.

Color is the single most important factor in creating the mood of a room. It is the element that everyone understands and has been proven to be a psychological stimulus. It can unify furnishings that otherwise seem unrelated. Color can minimize architectural faults such as cracked walls or poorly placed windows. It can also make a small room seem larger or large rooms seem smaller.

Color Temperature

Research suggests that colors have “temperature”; they are either warm or cool.

Cool Colors

On one side of side of the color wheel, cool colors are considered to be purple, violet, blue, blue-green and green. More soothing and restful than warm colors, they can be used in rooms with Southern and Eastern exposure to create a calm ambiance. People who prefer cool colors are usually reserved and introspective.
Warm colors

On the other of the color wheel, warm colors are considered to be yellow, yellow-orange, orange, red-orange and red. They are cheerful and powerful. Warm colors can be used in rooms with Northern exposure. They can also be used to put life into activity rooms. Children love warm colors best. Adults who like these colors tend to be outgoing and active.

Color Balance

Colors are used in different proportions throughout a room.

  • Dominant – The color you see the most of in a room
  • Secondary Color – The color you see the next in terms of amount
  • Accent Color – The color you see the least, but is placed throughout to add pizazz

Colors and their meanings


This color causes the most diverse reaction of all the colors. Evokes physiological response in increased heart rate and rapid breathing. Red Signals excitement, dynamism, danger and sex. Causes sense of smell improvement & increase in appetite. It Speeds up the perception of time. Interiors done in red will be dramatic and provocative

Shades & Tints

  • Bright Red – Exciting, energizing, sexy, hot, dynamic, stimulating, provocative, dramatic, aggressive, powerful
  • Bright Pink – Exciting, happy, hot, attention-getting, energetic, youthful, spirited, fun, trendy, wild
  • Light Pink – Romantic, soft, sweet, tender, cute, babies, delicate
  • Dusty Pink – Cozy, soft, subtle, dusky
  • Mauve – Soft, subdued, quiet, sentimental
  • Burgundy – Rich, elegant, refined, tasty, expensive, mature
  • Fuchsia – Bright, exciting, fun, hot, high energy, sensual
  • Brick Red – Earthy, strong, warm, country
  • Terracotta – Earthy, warm, wholesome, country, welcoming

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