30+ Creative Beige Bathroom Ideas

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If you have ever had a plain white, cream, or beige bathroom, it may have inspired you to want more variety in bathroom colors. Unless your tastes actually prefer those standard colors, you may have been longing for a more unique, personal sense of style. If this describes you, you can select from a variety of colors for every aspect of your bathroom!

Your Blank Canvas

If you feel that your bathroom walls are too drab, you can start there. The color that you choose for your walls can be the very first step in turning a blank canvas into a colorful world which will be as unique as you are yourself. If you keep in mind that your wall color will be the base for all of your other furnishings, it should be quite easy to select just the right color to be the foundation for your bathroom decor.

After you have decided on a color for your bathroom walls, your next step is to decide whether you want the rest of your d├ęcor to blend in with this color or to contrast against it. For example, if you want blue walls, you can choose other shades of blue for your other furnishings; or you may prefer a different color entirely, which will make it much more noticeable in contrast to your walls. You may also like a variety of colors, and can create a very nice effect with this method.

Coordinating Your Decor

When you have made the basic decision about your wall color and preference in color-scheme, you will find that the sky is the limit in how beautifully you can coordinate your bathroom. While you may be thinking that it need not go any further than having matching or contrasting throw-rugs, bath mats, and possibly towels, in fact you can have the very best results if you plan for everything in your bathroom to fit into this interesting decorating idea.

Everything that is visible, from water cups to wastepaper baskets to tissue box covers can be matched to your color-scheme for the most beautiful appearance that your bathroom can possibly have.

Prints And Solids

You may also like to consider some prints in addition to the solid colors. If you have a special liking for them, you can find stripes, dots, paisleys, and other prints in a variety of colors that will look quite elegant in your bathroom. Prints are especially nice when they are used in combination with solid colors. For example, one small flowered rug or a set of striped bath towels will look absolutely great when the rest of your bathroom is in one basic color.

Whether you spend a lot of time relaxing in your bathroom or whether your main use for it is for personal grooming before you go off to work each day, you will appreciate the individuality and unique appearance that will have when you have designed it according to your own personal specifications. Designing with the bathroom colors you love is sure to make it a place where you will love to be!

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