30+ Most Popular French Country Curtains Ideas

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One of the most beautiful looks in decor is the country decor. The French country look is an extension of that look and create a beautiful balanced look that is perfect for you. It can be added to any style you currently have whether it is a sophisticated pricey look or a simple down on the farm look.

A French country decor is beautiful and simple. Use white cotton material whenever possible because this material is perfect for this type of theme.

Bringing In The Color

The color of your room is very important. The main colors in the French country decor is yellow, orange, gray, and brown. However, you can also use a lot of blue and pink with this design, in fact, use as much as you want and it will look fine as long as you combine it correctly. There are also shades of green that remind you of green grass. You can use the combination colors like yellow/brown, violet/blue, and more. Each color gives you an individual look.

French Country Furniture

The main look in furniture consists of wrought iron. Rustic pieces are also part of the look. You can find a variety of French Country furniture at antique shops and places where you can purchase furniture that has been used. If the furniture is in bad shape, simply sand off the surface and re-stain it the way that you want so that the wood looks great for you and matches the overall decor. Search online for an example of some beautiful French country furniture.

The furniture needs to be simple and nothing extravagant. Don’t use furniture that is covered in decorations and designs because this is just not the look for French Country. The look needs to be as simple as possible.


The drapes in the French country decor include the traditional cotton, toile, or canvas. You can also trim the curtains in fancy lace or add fringes as well. You can make these curtains or you can buy them. You can now make no-sew curtains which gives you the freedom to create drapes that you like the best. The drapes should go all the way to the floor to complete the look.

The French country style continues on the floor with flower shaped rugs, or bright color rugs like yellow rugs that remind you of the sunshine. You can also use red rugs as well as long as the rugs are bright and cheerful. The floor rugs can be changed whenever you want to change the decor and can be used in other rooms.


You can add accessories to complete your look. Accessorize with pearls coming out of a small trinket box on the table, a white ceramic photo frame that sits on the table, or a stack of old suitcases of different sizes stacked up on the floor. You can use a desk lamp with fringes placed around the bottom edge of the lampshade.

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