30+ Totally Inspiring Grey And White Bedroom Ideas

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Interior Design – When renovating your homes especially your bedrooms, using the right shade of paint is very important. Bedrooms are the most crucial part of the house because we spend one third of the day sleeping in them also spend considerable amount of intimate time with ourselves or with our loved ones.

Colours play a huge part of it as psychology studies have shown that man reacts strongly to colours used, but there are of course no hard and fast rules about them.

Red, for instance, is not an advisable colour for bedrooms as it is an intense strong hue that may cause you to not sleep well at night.

Black on the other hand is too sombre for your bedroom walls.

There is a misconception that bright hues are the best because it perks you up and energises you. Well, bright colours are perfect for offices, for dining rooms and more so for living spaces but a bedroom is where you reside after a long day at work to simply rest and rejuvenate yourself.

The best recommendations for the colour of your bedroom would be in earthy tones like brown, cream, beige, khaki and even neutral tones like white and grey. These colours are the most soothing to the eye and they evoke a sense of comfort and it’s almost like the colour of nature. We all love to take a walk in the nature as it gives us a feeling of calm and tranquility and natural colours does the same for you if you do not have the privilege or the time to head outdoors.

To make a dark and gloomy bedroom bright, you need not necessarily have to use bright hues like yellow, lime green or orange. Give the walls a white washed look and instantly, it will perk up the bedroom. White gives off a clean, uncluttering feel and it is so easy to match your furniture. It is a neutral and the most commonly used base colour for walls.

If you think white only makes it bright but plain, consider adding in some minor renovation like multiple use fixtures into your bedroom interior. For example, getting a customized bed fixture that can be lifted and closed up against the wall to save space, or simply have drawers acting as storage space in your bed frame under your bed.

Consider a minor renovation, as interior design solutions are simple yet effective ways to help you and it need not cost a bomb if you do some research and know what you want. It is after all a one time cost but you save up so much space and money in the long run.

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