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Art Deco Style Jewelry. René lalique pioneered the creation of glass art deco jewelry in the 1920s. Art deco style bespoke jewellery of exceptional quality, designed and handcrafted with exquisite one of a kind intricately set precious gemstones.

Art Deco Necklace Turquoise Necklace Vintage Necklace
Art Deco Necklace Turquoise Necklace Vintage Necklace from

The term art deco was born after the world’s fair in paris, known as exposition internationale des arts décoratifs et. Art deco as a style emerged in 1925 as a result of the exhibits held in the world’s fair, paris. Everything 'old' is new again.

Black ( Onyx ), Blue.

With chic geometric lines and sophisticated sharp angular cuts, it’s easy to understand why the style of art deco jewellery is adored by the modern woman of today. Art deco jewellery is a product of the age of the flapper, jazz and the machine age and jewellery of the 1920’s and 30’s was in thrall to geometry: Circles, arcs, squares, rectangles and triangles.

The Term Art Deco Is A Shortened Form Of The Event's Name:

Early art deco earrings were long and delicate, exposed by the new, short hairstyles. From beautiful carved gemstones to cultural inspirations, the indian style in art deco jewellery reflects a fascination with global cultures during the 1920s and 1930s. Art deco ended in the 1930s.

The Exhibition Was Held In Paris And Showed Important World Achievements.

As a result, each surviving creation is a piece of art history, design history and social history, all wrapped up in. Art deco as a style emerged in 1925 as a result of the exhibits held in the world’s fair, paris. They tended to be geometrically shaped, with diamonds and perhaps a large, coloured gemstone.

The Beauty Of Art Deco Style Jewellery.

There was a fashion for earrings which. The late 1920s brought with it monochrome styles which showed off the new diamond cuts. Platinum was favored for three main reasons:

Unfortunately Most Authentic Antique Filigree, Edwardian And Art Deco Jewelry Is Priced Out Of Reach For The Average Buyer, Wearer Or Bride Looking For Affordable Vintage Bridal Jewelry.

Exposition internationale des arts décoratifs et industriels modernes (international exposition of modern industrial and decorative arts). Art deco style was one of the most influential design movements of the 20th century. There are several styles of art deco jewelry, to include glass, hammered metal, machined, and jeweled.

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