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Small Backyard Plunge Pool. If you already have a hot tub on your deck or patio, a pool could be integrated into your space and connect with this other small body of water. These pools are extra deep and feature a wide bench seat so you can really relax.

Affordable Small Backyard with Plunge Pool Ideas Decor
Affordable Small Backyard with Plunge Pool Ideas Decor from

Yes, a pool can fit in your small yard, and these 11 gorgeous examples prove it. They are extra deep so you can really relax (up to 1.74m). The addition of a small pool will be great for entertaining, but can also be used for personal fitness and relaxation.

Like The Other Swimming Pool Shapes In Our Portfolio, Each Plunge / Relax / Courtyard Pool Comes With All The Benefits And Innovative Features Of Compass Pools.

Plunge pools are great for water aerobics and water jogging, and you can install a swim jet system too. We have sizes starting at 2.8 and going up to 7m long. Small pools for every backyard.

In This Small Backyard, A Small Pool Fits Seamlessly Into The Raised Deck, Adding A Mini Plunge Pool While Providing Plenty Of Room For Deck Chairs, Daybeds, Swing Chairs, And Even A Lawn.

Do you have a small backyard but are dreaming of a pool? With the right design and planning, your backyard could become a relaxing oasis. Spools, plunge pools, cocktail pools, and wading pools.

Affordable Small Backyard With Plunge Pool Ideas.

Our small pools or plunge pool kits (sometimes called splash pools) are perfect for small backyards with not allot of room for construction. Landscape design must add more aesthetic value and make a more impressive outlook or maybe become an area of recreation. The typical plunge pool is small and shallow, designed for lounging rather than swimming.

Tying In Elements Of Design And Efficiency, This Can Be The Perfect Place To.

There is some confusion between a plunge pool and a hot tub which is probably due to the small size. While it will take less material to create a smaller pool, it does not necessarily cut down on costs. The perfect fit for your backyard.

Just Because They’re Small It Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Use Them For Exercise.

The typical plunge pool is small and shallow, designed for lounging rather than cannot play volleyball or swim laps in such a pool but if you want to relax in a hot day and cool yourself, this type of pool is a good option. Instead of tiles, this small pool is whitewashed stucco that’s very elegant and mirrors the home’s white cladding as well. Plunge pools can be major space savers, and you can make them into any shape you want in your backyard.

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